Trident Articles

The back catalogue of contributions by members of the church

Each month there’s a short piece written in the village Trident magazine by one of the members of EBC. Here’s the back catalogue! Feel free to browse and dip in. It’s quite a varied offering because we’re all different!

October 2020  A Time for Change

September 2020  X Marks the spot

August 2020 Worshipping God

July 2020  Fear not. Isaiah 43:1

June 2020 ...God where are you?

May 2020…Covid-19 Staying positive

April 2020…A family crossword with some straightforward and some cryptic clues  and (crossword answers)

March 2020…I believe in miracles – God’s answer to a child’s bedtime prayer

February 2020…Picturing Jesus  – how do you picture Jesus?

January 2020…Christmas – a season for rejoicing and reflection

December 2019…Advent Christmas Crafting

November 2019…Shalom! Peace to you.

October 2019…Churches together in Eynsford – unity is not the same as uniformity

September 2019…An offer to those who have given up on church but not necessarily on God

August 2019…National Prayer weekend an invitation

July 2019…D Day

June 2019…You’ll never walk alone (Liverpool v Barcelona)

May 2019…Easter outline for colouring

April 2019…Monthly lunch – a new regular event in the village

March 2019…Icons of the first century – artists, activists, sports stars, entertainers, scientists,  ….and the winner is…..

February 2019…The advantages and disadvantages of not making new years’ resolutions!

January 2019…Happy Christmas! (in 11 languages)

December 2018…The Real Christmas

November 2018…Reflections on the church and church leadership

October 2018…Thy Kingdom Come

September 2018…”Prayer is like a telephone” – a children’s song that illustrates an important point

August 2018…”More to life than beer and football”

July 2018…The church is a worshipping community

June 2018…Salvation?  From what? – It’s not complicated.

May 2018…The church – for whose benefit – three answers – all true

April 2018…Some thoughts on families

March 2018…A testimony: finding new life in Jesus – and turning away from tarot cards

February 2018…Forgiveness – it does you good!

Do not wear yourself out to get rich; do not trust your own cleverness.